Pre-order The Fourth Ruby now and get a cool prize pack!

A new Section 13 adventure with Jack Buckles and Gwen Kincaid is on the way, coming 31 October. But you can start your fun now. We’re offering a pack of free prizes for every U.S. pre-order, valued about the same as the hardcover book itself.

Here’s what to do:

Pre-order The Fourth Ruby, the latest adventure in the Section 13 series. Send your receipt and a U.S. address to Screen shots of a web receipt or photos of a paper receipt will work great. We’ll send you a 2017 Section 13 Prize Pack.

It’s just that easy.

And by the way, if you pre-order more than one book, you’ll also get Gwen’s magnifying glass plus more coins and agent cards.

A Section 13 Prize Pack includes:

Two round The Lost Property Office cover stickers
Four Ministry of Secrets seal stickers
“All Forms Must Be Completed” pen
The Lost Property Office cover magnet
The Fourth Ruby cover magnet
The Fourth Ruby 2018 magnetic calendar

One Secret Society Challenge Set with:

Ministry of Secrets coin
Ministry of Trackers coin
Ministry of Secrets agent card (etched metal)
Ministry of Trackers agent card (etched metal)
(Two coins total per pack. Both sides of coins pictured for reference in full pack photo)

But don’t stop there. Order two or more books and also get:

One Secret Society Challenge Set for each additional book ordered
Gwen’s metal magnifying glass

Remember: Send your proof of purchase and a United States address to
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Giveaway entries must be received by 11:59 pm Eastern on 30 October 2017.
Pre-order Giveaway: Must send proof of purchase and a valid United States address to to be eligible for the giveaway. Gifts will only be sent to United
States addresses. Pre-order one book and receive one Section 13 Prize Pack (one pen, six
stickers, three postcard magnets, one Ministry of Secrets Challenge Coin, one Ministry of
Trackers Challenge coin, two metal agent cards). Pens may vary due to changes made by
supplier. Pre-order two or more books and receive one Section 13 Prize Pack plus a magnifying
glass. Additionally, orders of two or more books will receive one agent card set and one coin set
for each additional book ordered. James R. Hannibal and his publishers are not liable for
giveaway items damaged in transit.